Scriptum in Stellam

As written in the star


the confused Libra
A confused Libra

Once, believed in the good of every being.
Once, had faith in all friendships.
Once, eager to relate without suspicion.
Once, a lover to lit up smiles.
Once, a children magnet of sort.

Once, an idealist in achieving.
Once, a passionate creator of beautiful things.
Once, an expressive writer with dreams.
Once, a spontaneous outing goer.

Through storms of life and unavoidable shaping,the star
once visible now lost in clouds of darkness.
Dimmed from the world once so familiar,
unwaware to herself that she still has light.

‘It’s a process of growing up’, she was told.
‘Fit in the reality you’re stepping in to.’
‘Beware of more who’ll rip your heart,
guard yourself, be alert and do not trust’

Somewhere, some time, not too long ago,
an unknown wind came and blew at the clouds.
Awakened the star of its long slumber,
surprised with the beam it still has.

Crosses between the past and the present,
conflits of emotion, desire and rational,
contrast of experience and undying vision,
not unlike voices of angels and demons.

Choices of
bondage of comfort or freedom of uncertainty?
Journey of
self-discovery journey she must embark.

-the confused Libra-


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