Scriptum in Stellam

As written in the star

A Man Made at the Workplace


Repetitive clicking and unclicking of the pen in his hand travels across the unusually quiet room. With a raised eyebrow and half-opened mouth, glancing through the faces before him challengingly yet not expecting a response, he heaved a heavy sigh and dropped his eyes once again to the piece of document on his desk.

He has seen recurrence of this scene many times in his career, from a young executive himself to the position of power he is in now. Ambitious yet clueless executives, often having dreams bigger than they can comprehend, wanting to achieve so much yet unwilling to work at the fundamental.

Did he know what they were doing? He did. Did he know what will happen? He definitely did though he hoped they would be an exception. Why then did he not stop them after an initial word of caution? For the one reason that he knew amidst the circumstances, sometimes in rare occasions, true men arise from their mistake.

Shaking his head slightly with disappointment to the still quiet group before him, he dismissed them with a wave of hand. Turning his attention back to the issue at hand, he did not realize this timid man that lingered in his room.

Clearing his throat uncertainly, with voice unsteady and not knowing where to place his hands he said however with determination and conviction in his eyes wanting to make things right. He admitted to not knowing how, and begged to be taught. He acknowledged fear to inability yet willing to be bold as necessary.

Softening the look on his face, he told the young man to wait for his direction. As the door closed, he smiled to himself with knowing satisfaction that there is this man he can rely to be a good worker in the future. For even from the many that did not learn, there was pride in knowing he initiated a boy into his manhood when the young man stood up and account for the error that he did not make alone.


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