Scriptum in Stellam

As written in the star


Many times they form in my head, prompted by my heart and stopped at the edge of my lips
I am told by that rational side of brain that I am not good with verbal, that
often I my words come out not the way it should have and there will be regrets, but
on the far side there is a still voice not trying to have my attention, I hear… that perhaps…
it is because I know exactly how powerful words are, especially said with sincere smile and soothing voice, a casual shrug or gentle gaze, a warm touch and melodic giggle.. it is so powerful it may awaken things beyond my control

They can be said carelessly without much thoughts, yet they linger in the heart of the receiver.
Such rooting effect.. sometimes.. if unsure.. I guess..
it’s better to keep them to myself, buried in my heart.


Sprinkle some Dusts

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