Scriptum in Stellam

As written in the star

a Perfect Lif3?

Daily Prompt: Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other

*His precious girl, cared, loved, held.*

His‘ in this sixer refers to three different individuals who gave, give and will give me different yet most essential things in my life.

The first, perhaps I should not refer to as an individual. He is one, yet three. He’s here, yet everywhere. He knows me personally, but so does Him – everyone else. He’s our dearest Father in heaven, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Counselor Holy Spirit. He knows me even before I was born. His love for me is individual, has plans for me even before I was formed in my mother’s womb, and He holds me steady at times when I stumble. The Lord’s love on the cross is so vast, pours onto the world for everyone, yet is still special and personal for me. It is everlasting. His touch is constant, He holds me at all time, when I just started learning something, when I fail and fall, when I was wounded, when I was over-excited, when I was blinded with worldly possessions and needed to be restrained, He is by my side, with a warm embrace.

The second refers to my earthly father, who planned my birth 10 years after the arrival of his previous child. He willed for me to be born, so I was delivered into this world cushioned by his love. No fall was ever too pain, no hurt was ever too great when I was growing up because he was always there for me. He never put me down when I was beaten by an obstacle, but helped me up and encouraged me not to give up. He believes in me, motivates confidence in myself, gives me freedom to try new things, supports the path I chose for myself and trusts my judgments. As a child, I had nothing to fear, for I know my father is with me. Whenever things got too harsh outside, I can always go home.

The third mirrors the most beautiful dream of a girl. A hope and faith in finding a man whom I will look up to no end. A man of God who leads and guides, who knows the responsibility as a head of the family and is aligned with the values to be imparted to his children. A man who stands strong yet is not afraid to ask for help, whose dream I will carry as mine and as we walk into eternity, together we will leave a legacy that builds the next generation. A man which I will adore to bits and whom in return, will never cease to beam when I walk into the room. I believe my heavenly Father had prepare for me the one, and I await with eagerness.


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