Scriptum in Stellam

As written in the star

Imagine: Beyond Visuals

LightDaily Prompt: Imagine

Light in the Dark concert. I had the previledge to experience this amazing concert held in complete darkness, organized by Save One Sight. From the entrance, we were led into the concert hall by the blinds and enjoyed one and a half hour of beautiful songs from Partick Leong.

It was an exceptional experience. Any drop of beams (from the aircon) became so vivid and allocating my friends through touches and hearings was something alien. We were encouraged to stand up and express freely to the songs. I felt insecure initially, feeling the possibilities of tumbling blocks or descending steps that may cause me to trip. Only after I put down all doubts, assured that friends by my side are there should anything happen, I began to enjoy myself. It was in fact rather pressure-free because no one can see if I danced, twirl or had emotional expressions affected by the songs. During the short 1 1/2 hours, other senses were enhanced and thoughts overflowed.

Many of us can’t imagine life without sight. It is such a primary sense of information that sometimes we neglect the information conveyed by other senses. Just like how we are encouraged to view things from different perspective, occasionally, it is enlightening if we close our eyes to feel with other senses. There may be uncovered beauties that we have never explored.

    When the sun is not of golden beams,
    When the field is not of luscious green,
    When the storm is not of angry grey,
    When the beach is not of tender beige.

    Smell of salt water and teasing breeze,
    Growling thunder and flapping branches,
    Scent of fresh grass and prickly edges,
    Faithful warmth to life’s different stages.

    When friendliness is not just twinkling eyes.
    When beauty is not just a pretty face
    When stares do not follow the disfigured.
    When a wound is not gushes of red blood,

    Ache from within will not be make small,
    Self-esteem is less of the worldly measure,
    Beauty is defined beyond what eyes can see,
    Friendship forms over gestures and words.

I’m not implying that what we see are lies. This is more of an encouragement to explore things beyond what is presented to us, to prop further and take deeper interest in happenings around us. Take ownership of this place we call home, and experience it to the fullest with all senses gifted to us by the Amazing Creator.


One comment on “Imagine: Beyond Visuals

  1. Linda Myro Judd
    September 27, 2015

    You reminded me of the time in high school that I did the extra credit assignment to have my eyes covered and go through one school day like this. We were advised to arrange for someone to take us to each of our classes. I didn’t do that, and it turned out to be the frustration of my life. Not being able to see, is like my greatest fear, and I didn’t know it until then.

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