Scriptum in Stellam

As written in the star

In obedience of abundant life

It is important that our responsibilities in Christ is in proportioned to our relationship with Him. The bigger your ship, the bigger your ship’s anchor should be.

Moment of quietness as everyone ponders on our relationship with Him, whether we have a strong and properly sized anchor, whether we are still in tact or if we have drifted elsewhere.

The Lord ask:
How big do you envision your ship to be?
It was a question I did not really want to think of.
Do not be afraid of what I want to give you.
Don’t really want to think…
When I give, I make sure you are equiped to receive.
Don’t really want to think…
Trust Me.
I do….
Ask Me.

    Once I looked at the world and prayed
    “Lord, break my heart for what break Yours”
    “Open up my eyes for the things unseen”
    “Show me how to love like You have loved me”

    A naive prayer which tore at my heart,
    pain of others I tried to contain.
    Relying not on Your strength, forgetting
    that this is not my battle.

    Eager ears and curious soul,
    swift to offer, slow to comprehend.
    Knowing in the head, judging in the heart,
    Willing to help yet quick to frust.

    Battered and weak, sore and numb
    from wounds not even meant for me.
    Faces of no significance I decide,
    worth my time they are not.

    Yet again and again You whisper,
    voice tugging in stillness of nights.
    Patiently You wait for me to make, the
    remaining prayer of the unfinished.

    “Heal my heart and make me clean”
    “Everything I am for Your kingdom’s cause”
    “As I walk from earth into eternity”

    Fear of unknown but You take my hand,
    Fear of fear conquered in Your name.

Note: lines in “inverted comas” are from Hillsong Hosanna’s bridge


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