Scriptum in Stellam

As written in the star

Through Your Eyes


DailyPrompt: Standout

“Do you notice when people look at you?” he asked.

I was surprised. I’ve never seen myself as a girl people will look at twice. Not unattractive, just.. normal. Not the loudest, not the wackiest, not the weirdest, not the funniest, not the most fashionable, definitely not stunning. I blend, and am comfortable with not being noticed. I recognize it as the place I belong, the corner I observe the world from.

It’s sweet to know that someone thinks I’m more than average, that I can perhaps standout. I wonder though, what is it do you see that I have missed? Is it really that same girl I see in the mirror? Who am I, through your eyes?


Sprinkle some Dusts

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