Scriptum in Stellam

As written in the star

I Remember

I remember when I was very young, barely five years of age. I used to sleep in my parents’ room, and what a nuisance I was at times. I used to wake my dad up when I couldn’t sleep, asking for stories or company. It was such a matter-of-fact thing to do, to turn to dad and bug him about anything at any time.

I didn’t know how much love and patience it took then, for him to still smile tenderly at me. One of my favorite late night adventures was on his lap into a world of imagination and wonder.

Sitting at the edge of the bed, dad picks me up gently and put me on his lap. “Where would you like to go this time?” he whispers into my ears. I shrug and wait excitedly for him to introduce yet another new world to me. Holding both my hands and placing them on imaginary bike handles, he ‘starts’ the engine and begin our escapade. Along the ride he points at odd characters and out of place buildings. He paints scenes to the tiniest details. It was like a dream when I am not sleeping. Reluctantly as all good times come to an end, we’re back to where we started. I beamed at dad, yet yawn as I am unable to hide my tiredness, he tucks me in bed and watch as I fell asleep with content.

A daddy’s girl one would call me which I am proud to be. It’s a memory I will not trade for anything, a treasured bond none can rob me of.

Sprinkle some Dusts

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