Scriptum in Stellam

As written in the star

A Burning Star

burning star

Through events of nature and unavoidable clouds,
a star once visible is lost in darkness.
Dimmed from the world once so familiar,
unwaware to herself that she still has light.

Perhaps a divine intervention from Above,
a brisk of wind blew gently at the clouds.
The star was awakened of its long slumber,
surprised with the beam it still has.

Crosses between the past and the present,
conflits of emotion, desire and rational,
contrast of experience and undying vision,
not unlike voices of angels and demons.

Bondage of comfort or freedom of uncertainty?
To bring lucent after the clasp of twilight or
to blend into the shadow of dusk.
The dilemma of a still burning star.


Sprinkle some Dusts

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